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Word Counter - SEO Tool SearchGuruz.com

If you want to check the word count of your blog, website or any other document the first way you would do that is manually count it, but why waste your time doing that when you could simply use our SearchGuruz’s Word Counter Tool, which would do that for you within seconds!

As we know that each social media platform or different search engine favours different visible character count limits on a blog or website page. That is why considering the word count of your post is very important for digital marketing or improving the SEO of your website or blog.

For improving the SEO ranking of your blog or website, word count plays an important role. As a reader, it is easy to read a short blog or article rather than a very long one with more than 2000 words. Thus, to make your blogpost user friendly you need to keep a check on your article’s prominent word count and character count.

Let's now know what does this tool exactly do? Our Word Counter Tool counts the number of words and characters in the submitted content. This tool is very user friendly as with the blink of an eye, providing you with the results. You just have to paste/ enter your content into the box provided above and click on “count words” to get the result.

Generally while writing articles we need to maintain keyword ratio and other things for which we need a number of words in particular content, here word counter tool is really useful. This tool can come in handy for students to review assignments before submitting them, and for bloggers to check the word count of their articles before posting them.